This was a really fun mix to put together – as it was developing, I started forming a little narrative around it, and proceeded to let that shape the rest of the mix, leaning in further. Alas, I inevitably sacrificed a bit of untold-story for a better overall mix, but if you listen carefully there’s still an intriguing love triangle unfolding in Arcane Automaton.

Lots of great electro-robotic sounds & synths in this one, with just a touch of emotion to elucidate our Automaton’s more human side. Featuring two tracks from newcomer Hidden Face, both off his recent ‘Need U’ EP – his sound is just so perfect for this mix, I had to double-dip. That, plus two each from mainstays Sultan + Shepard, Ben Böhmer, and Tinlicker make for quite a show here.

As always, turn it up…

Get this mix.

Lifesine · Sines of Life 94: Arcane Automaton


  1. Hidden Face - Need U
  2. Luttrell - No Pressure
  3. Ben Böhmer, Wood - Voyager 1
  4. Sultan + Shepard - nCTRL
  5. Shapov, NERAK - Heaven (Original Mix)
  6. Jake Kaiser - Anna (Edit)
  7. Tinlicker - Compound (Original Mix)
  8. Ben Böhmer - Cappadocia feat. Romain Garcia (Original Mix)
  9. Hidden Face - Lunar Attraction
  10. Sultan + Shepard - Avalanche
  11. Eli & Fur - Parfume (Dosem Remix)
  12. Jody Wisternoff - Story Of Light
  13. Falden - Moments
  14. Marsh - Healer
  15. Kyau & Albert - Beehive
  16. OCULA - No Logic
  17. Danny Howard, Eli & Fur - Next To Me
  18. Spencer Brown & Qrion - What U Feel (Original Mix)
  19. Tinlicker - When The Light Fades