Fun and catchy tracks abound this month, with some wonderful motion and progression in the mix. Dezza, GVN, Sunny Lax, The Dualz, Enamour, and many more grace this delightful end-of-May session.

All that is tempered however by the tragic news last month of Pierce Fulton’s passing. Listening back through his work, there are too many good track to count, from the indefatigable positivity of Kuaga and Life in Letters to his more evocative and asyncopated collaboration as Leaving Laurel, his music helped define the latest generation of dance music. So, we end this month’s mix with a 15-minute Pierce Fulton mini-mix, knowing he will be truly, sorely missed, but that as long as we still have a person’s music, it’s Never Really Goodbye.

Turn it up…

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Lifesine · Sines of Life 89: Never Really Goodbye


  1. Dezza - Lost In You (Falling In Love)
  2. Passenger 10 - Thuringia
  3. Sian Evans - Hide U (Tinlicker Remix)
  4. GVN - Ethereal (Original Mix)
  5. Sunny Lax - Stardust
  6. Eric Prydz - NOPUS
  7. Nomra, MØØNE - Fall In
  8. Scorz feat. Lywe - Easy Love
  9. tyDi & JES - Say The Word
  10. Moon Boots feat. KONA - So Precious
  11. John Legend - Love Me Now (Dave Aude Radio Edit)
  12. Robin Schulz, Wes - Alane (Don Diablo Remix)
  13. Above & Beyond - Sun In Your Eyes (Spencer Brown Edit)
  14. The Dualz - Inside Me
  15. Luttrell - Snoop Dawk (Original Mix)
  16. Giorgia Angiuli, Nors Kode, SQU4RE - Stay Curious
  17. Che-Yung - Crescent Moon
  18. Enamour, Meliha - Say Hello (Original Mix)
  19. Twelve feat. My Marianne - I Think She Knows (Interlude)
  20. Crush Club Feat. Supermini - We Dance
  21. Jerro - Elira
  22. Pierce Fulton - I Can’t Remember If It Was A Dream (Jordin Post Remix)
  23. Pierce Fulton - Old Times
  24. Pierce Fulton - Kuaga (Original Mix)
  25. Pierce Fulton - Home in August
  26. Pierce Fulton - Life in Letters