This one goes out to Chris & Julie, who have been some of my most ardent supporters over the years, and are celebrating their nuptials this weekend – while I can’t be there with you personally, I can at least help provide a bit of the soundtrack for the weekend 💜

Sporting a vibe that’s just a notch or two shy of a Mellow Mix, Clairvoyant Journey is a little shout-out to them for always listening and sharing with others – Congratulations you two!

On top of our regular cast of characters like Lane 8, Ben Böhmer, and Satin Jackets, we’ve got a delightful single from Tony McGuinness’ solo project Fingerprint, a very recognizable cover from Gamper & Dadoni, and a few tracks featuring some thought provoking vocal samples from Jody Wisternoff and Marsh & Nox Vahn. Need I entice you further to join me on this journey?

Enjoy, and turn it up…

Get this mix.

Lifesine · Sines of Life 80: Clairvoyant Journey


  1. Lane 8 feat. Jens Kuross - Yard Two Stone (Sultan + Shepard Remix)
  2. Gregory S - Mind Games
  3. Fingerprint - Babydoll White (Mem Aleph Remix)
  4. RYTERBAND - Brilliant Eyes (Jody Wisternoff Vocal Remix)
  5. Nora En Pure - All I Need (Extended Mix)
  6. Above & Beyond - Homecoming (Enamour Remix)
  7. Blood Groove & Kikis - Close To You
  8. Blondee - I Love You (Cedric Zeyenne Remix)
  9. Satin Jackets, Panama - Electric Blue
  10. Jay FM - Timeless
  11. Jody Wisternoff - Morning U (Jon Gurd Extended Remix)
  12. OTR feat. Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Moon
  13. Nox Vahn, Marsh - Come Together (Radio Edit)
  14. Spada - Part Of Me
  15. BAILE, Nuage - Echoic
  16. Le Youth - Demure
  17. Ben Böhmer - Zeit & Raum (Original Mix)
  18. Tinlicker - Sleepwalker
  19. Above & Beyond Feat. Richard Bedford - Northern Soul (Spencer Brown Edit)
  20. Luttrell - My Friend The Sun
  21. GAMPER & DADONI - Bittersweet Symphony feat. Emily Roberts (Original Mix)
  22. Way Out West - The Call ft. Doe Paoro
  23. Ben Böhmer - Little Lights