After a bit of a hiatus, it felt so good to get back on the decks to work on this one, and in a twist, it came together faster than any mix before! In a record-setting three sessions and exports ‘Freeflow’ was born and needed no further fine tuning. Featuring loads of melodic house & techno, plus a few fun curveballs give this mix that classic Lifesine vibe.

It’s been a little while – so do be sure to enjoy, and turn it up…

Lifesine · Sines of Life 116: Freeflow


  1. Le Youth - Paradise (feat. Oaks)
  2. Luttrell - Space
  3. Sultan + Shepard, Elderbrook - I’ll Be Here (Extended Mix)
  4. Fred again.. & Obongjayar - i adore u
  5. Le Youth, Lane 8 & Jyll - I Will Leave a Light On (Extended Mix)
  6. ATTLAS, Mango & MAYLYN - The One
  7. Eli & Fur - Fire To Fire
  8. Forester - Sunrise feat. OCULA & Madeline Megery
  9. Petit Biscuit - I Leave Again feat. Shallou
  10. Sultan + Shepard & Andrew Belle - Elenore (Sonnee Remix)
  11. Le Youth, Tailor - Dreaming (Into The Ether Remix)
  12. le moon - Your Body
  13. Tiësto feat. Nicola Hitchcock - In My Memory (Maor Levi Starlight Mix)
  14. Romy - Did I
  15. Andrew Bayer & OLAN - Pulse
  16. Lyrah - In the Leaves
  17. Robin Schulz - All This Love feat. Harlœ