The days are growing short and brisk, and the trees in our neighborhood are all awash in warm Autumn colors… puts me in a mellow-mixin’ kinda mood 🍂🎼 I’ve been working on this year’s MellowMix for weeks, and it continues to be something I get excited for every year.

At two and a half hours, Evergreen Dream comes in as my second-longest compilation to date – plenty of time to stuff it full of tryptophan-adjacent tunes from myriad artists. Marked by model mellow magnates Hosini, Rohne, Polar Inc., Shallou, Chris Malinchak, and so many more. Plus, softer specimens from our usual suspects – Le Youth, Sultan + Shepard, OCULA, Lane 8, Ben Böhmer, Dezza, and Armin van Buuren.

Last but not least, with a kiddo at home, I’m expanding my sources of music. Joff Bush, the composer for the Australian children’s TV show ‘Bluey’, has got some real talent – and I mean that most sincerely – and ‘I Know A Place (The Creek Song)’ fits right in with this crowd.

Be well, look out for one another, and remind the ones you love that you do 💜

Enjoy, and turn it up…

Lifesine · Sines of Life 106: Evergreen Dream (MellowMix 2022)


  1. Hosini, Jones Meadow - 8 Hours, Still No Rain
  2. Klur - Floating (Original Mix)
  3. Ben Böhmer - Beyond Beliefs (Original Mix)
  4. Sultan + Shepard - Raye (feat. Shallou)
  5. Polar Inc. - Pastel (Original Mix)
  6. Yotto - Sunburn
  7. Icarus - Tomorrow
  8. Alex Lustig, Elohim - Breathe
  9. Yotto - Lone Machine
  10. Enviado Vida - Uatchu (Extended Mix)
  11. Rohne - Ceres
  12. Flowers on Monday - Allowed to Try
  13. Armin van Buuren, Maia Wright - One More Time (OCULA Remix)
  14. Dezza, Emme - I Wanna Know (Leossa Extended Remix)
  15. Le Youth - Feel Around You feat. LeyeT
  16. Le Youth, OCULA feat. KARRA - Home Away From Home (feat. KARRA)
  17. A.M.R - Everything In Its Place
  18. Rohne - Dust
  19. Meadowlark - May I Have This Dance (EMBRZ Remix)
  20. OCULA feat. RBBTS - Closer To The Edge (Original Mix)
  21. Leaving Laurel - Winter In The Woods (Original Mix)
  22. Mishegas - Separate Ways
  23. Shallou - Sigh
  24. Lane 8 - Closer
  25. Jerro - Coming Home
  26. Mishegas - Temporary Love
  27. Blonde Maze - Being Pulled (Polar Inc. Remix)
  28. Stephan Bodzin - Rose
  29. Chris Malinchak - The Mayfly (Original Mix)
  30. HAUMS - Celestial Dance (Jordin Post Remix)
  31. Rohne - Dawn Aura (il:lo Remix)
  32. Makebo & Amonita - Back To The Roots
  33. Murtagh - Saturn
  34. Lane 8 - Trampoline Counting Stars
  35. Audien feat. XIRA - One Last Dance(Polar Inc. Remix)
  36. Brynn Elliott, EMBRZ - Beautiful Things (EMBRZ Remix)
  37. Jon Hopkins - Breathe This Air (Asleep version)
  38. Mishegas - Episodes
  39. il:lo - Meliadi
  40. Ben Böhmer - Once…
  41. Ram Dass - “In The Moment” (Lifesine Lo-Fi Edit)
  42. Joff Bush, Bluey feat. Helena Czajka, Jazz D’Arcy - I Know a Place (The Creek Song)