Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there – this one is my first and I’m celebrating by getting “post new mix” off my to-do list. This one’s been in the can for a little while, but I’ve had too much real-world on my hands to get it out the door! Nevertheless, the show must go on, so here we are with a great new episode 😊 Many of the usual suspects here, including Sultan + Shepard, Lane 8, Oliver Smith, and The Knocks, plus new music from Autograf, Diplo, and many more.

Two BackTracks in this episode: a too-good-not-to-repeat from last month, the ‘Your Love (Jordin Post & Qrion Remix)’. And going back a bit further, ‘Brain Freeze’ by Le Youth, which strangly enough is great for getting babies to get on all fours and wiggle their butts (not joking).

As always, enjoy, and turn it up…

Lifesine · Sines of Life 102: Roots


  1. Felon feat. Lauren L’aimant - Moments
  2. Sultan + Shepard, Andreas Moss - Where Are You?
  3. Qrion - Your Love (Jordin Post & Qrion Remix)
  4. Catie Turner - Hide and Seek (Le Youth Remix)
  5. Lane 8 feat. Solomon Grey - Automatic
  6. Paul Keeley - A Sort Of Homecoming (Michael Cassette Remix) (Edit)
  7. Clean Bandit - Extraordinary (feat. Sharna Bass)
  8. Oliver Smith - Snowfall (Radio Mix)
  9. Kyau & Albert, Steve Brian - Reverie (Original Mix)
  10. Bryn Liedl - Integration (Amy Wiles Remix)
  11. Ben Böhmer - Slow Wave (The Blaze Remix)
  12. The Knocks feat. Parson James - River (feat. Parson James)
  13. Chordashian feat. Frances Rose - Questions (JackLNDN Remix)
  14. LTN pres. Ghostbeat & Nina Carr - Captivated
  15. Parvenu - Captured (Tagavaka Remix)
  16. Le Youth - Brain Freeze (Extended Mix)
  17. Diplo, Miguel - Don’t Forget My Love
  18. Dezza - In Your Arms (Jackarta Remix)
  19. Koelle, Into The Ether - Time & Space
  20. Autograf feat. Tiina - Love Runs Deep
  21. Apollo Nash - Need You